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Brief Introduction of Helmand Higher Education Institution

Helmand Institute of Higher Education was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in 1386 through the efforts of scholars and tribal leaders. The High School of Education started its teaching and administrative activities in the building, later, as a result of the efforts of the then governor's university administration, ethnic philanthropists and science-loving personalities, it was transferred to the Helmand Institute of Higher Education to the east of Lashkar Gah city. About 17 kilometers is a landless area, (it is an unsafe area for now) seven hundred (700) acres of land was given.

The construction of the surrounding wall has been completed for now. In 1391, due to the remoteness and poor security situation of the same area of ​​the university, based on the resolution number 52 of the former president Mr. Hamid Karzai and the Council of Ministers, 73 seventy-three acres of land inside and around the city were transferred to Helmand University. It was given in a preferential way, based on the decision of the cabinet dated 31/6/1397 and (14) number of members, about 49 acres of land was surrendered to the university and the remaining 24 acres are still pending the decision of the courts. Awaiting transfer.

Helmand Institute of Higher Education is currently carrying out its administrative work in the old educational buildings and teaching work in its new area (73 acres). Helmand Higher Education Institution, which has 14 branch branches and 10 branches under the umbrella of the four faculties of Agriculture, Education and Training, Engineering and Veterinary, and the remaining 4 branches are in the absence of professional teachers (for now, the teachers are working abroad). higher education is busy) is inactive, This institution has internet and regular diesel electricity for its employees. (We don't use government electricity because the cost is more expensive than diesel electricity), this institution had a constructive role in providing professional and qualified students to the university. There are 415 people, we present it to the community We must say that the university's activities are organized within the limits of the possibilities that are available to us. For the purpose of transparency, all the documents related to the students have been placed in a fully organized database.
Since 2013, we have joined the process of quality assurance. We have successfully completed the first phase and are currently in the second phase.

In order to train our graduates according to the demand of the labor market, we use a new curriculum. In order to improve the quality, the leadership of the Helmand Institute of Higher Education has made tireless efforts in a short period of time to provide standard buildings, laboratories and other necessary facilities for the students. You can see in the table Helmand Institute of Higher Education is a young institution compared to other universities in the country, which employees need to increase their capacity and need higher education. Overview It sends all its employees (teachers and administrative staff) to different countries from time to time to obtain higher education. For better clarification.

Helmand Institute of Higher Education has signed cooperation agreements with various academic and sectoral institutions inside and outside the country in order to have its active role in the society. To take advantage of their teachers, administrative staff and students, and also to share the experiences and learning of their experienced teachers and students with other people and institutions of the society.

Helmand higher education institutional mission and vision on 13/5/1396 ( ) issue protocol was approved in the academic council meeting and said mission and vision was unanimously approved by the quality improvement department of the Ministry of Higher Education. The side also approves and approves the protocol of 30/9/1396 (76).
It is clear that quality education has a constructive role in providing qualified human resources, because this institution has a clear mission and vision, which is trying to provide such staff to the society at the national level. , which becomes the source of prosperity and prosperity of the society.


The Helmand Institute of Higher Education provides services in the field of higher education, so that the professional people who are needed by the society and the age for their country, in the Islamic spirit, with a sense of patriotism, scientific, research and professional. Ability to prepare.

Dehlmand Institute of Higher Education wants to be a standard center for obtaining higher education at the country and regional level.
This institution wants to provide scientific and professional services in an educational, research and administrative environment equipped with modern technology by highly qualified teachers, so that the trained graduates can understand the situation of the country and the world in their professional field. Competent and provide efficient services.

Training of scientific and professional personnel in social, political, cultural and economic fields at a standard level.

high quality
Sound and effective management
Transparency in all affairs of the institution and prevention of any kind of corruption
Respect for all Islamic and human values
Avoiding any kind of discrimination, prejudice or hate

Capacity building of teachers and staff
Providing good quality academic staff to the society, so that they respect the national and Islamic values
Using different and advanced teaching methods to train students in a standardized manner.


Implementation of all laws, regulations and procedures of the Ministry of Higher Education
Improving the quality of teaching and creating a strategic plan for the strengthening and development of the university, so that the entire work of the university can proceed well.
Avoiding any bias
Transparency in all matters