Department of Water Resources and Environmental


Nine years after the establishment of the faculty, the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering started teaching for the first time in 2020 with 109 students. There are a total of 6 teachers in this department. Three of them are engaged in doctoral studies in Japan, Turkey and India, and three others who have master's level education are conducting the teaching activities of the department.


The Department of Water Resources and Environmental Protection Engineering has the mission to provide a training environment for its members, students and employees that provides access to the laboratories of academic institutions, research institutions, new textbooks, addresses; the attention of national and international organizations is attracted and Educational system development is safe.

This department regularly strives to improve its skills and quality and to provide a good learning environment and creates a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect among its students and personnel; Prefers ethical actions and responsibility towards the society and is committed to the culture that has an Islamic and social aspect in our society.


The Department of Water Resources and Environmental Protection Engineering intends to be a leading educational institution of the Ministry of Higher Education at the zone and country level, so that with the training of qualified human resources, conduct scientific-research and social services in the fields of water and environment according to the national and international standards.


Training of standardized scientific and professional skills in social, political, cultural, economic and scientific fields.


  • High quality
  • Sound and effective management
  • Transparency in all affairs of the department and prevention of corruption
  • Respect for all Islamic and human values
  • Preventing any type of discrimination and prejudice


  • To improve the capacity of lecturers in the department.
  • Providing grounds for self-sufficiency, innovation and team-work.
  • Providing good quality academic staff to the society so that they respect national and Islamic values.
  • Promoting the use of new technology in the field of teaching and using different and advanced ways of teaching with the help of the mentioned technology so that the students can be trained in a standard way.