Religious and scientific seminar for university teachers in Helmand University, the first day!

Wed, Mar 08 2023 9:27 AM

Day: Tuesday
Date: 1444/8/14
Helmand University hosted a religious and scientific three-day seminar for public and private university teachers, which was held in the conference hall of the said university.
The seminar started with the holy verses of the Holy Quran. In the seminar, the Deputy Governor of Helmand Province Sheikh Maulvi Abdul Rahman Kundozi, the Honorable President of Helmand Province, Sheikh Umri Maulvi Sahib, the Honorable President of Helmand Province Education. Sheikh Maulvi Muhammad Awad Ansari, high-ranking officials and teachers of Helmand University, as well as officials and teachers of private universities of the said province, scholars and Shaykhs participated.

In turn, one of the professors of Helmand University, Prof. Hamidullah Hamidi, gave information to the participants about the knowledge of the said seminar.
After that, the Honorable President of the University, Prof. Mohammad Surgal Abdul Rahman gave an introductory speech and called this seminar effective and useful in the development of the academic field of the teachers. He explained and asked for the continuous cooperation of scholars and teachers.

Then the Deputy Governor of Helmand province Maulvi Abdul Rahman Kundozi gave a speech. He expressed his pleasure in holding such seminars and welcomed the participants. He emphasized on the continuation and development of higher education and encouraged the participants to Who does not stop his efforts.
In continuation of the speech, Sheikh Omari Sahib, the head of Helmand Province's Department of Enjoining Mandate and Nahi An Mankar, said that he emphasized on the progress and continuity of modern and religious education. Time to the country's needs
 It will be received.

In the series of speeches, Sheikh Maulvi Mohammad Awad Ansari, the honorable head of education in Helmand province, also gave his valuable speech to the participants. The school works for a purpose, which is the responsibility of training the children of the people and training them well, and no one should spare their efforts in this matter.
The first part of the seminar ended with a break for prayer and eating.

The second part of the seminar started after afternoon prayer, the first topic was "The effect of good intentions and sincerity in the structure of the society" and was presented by Mawlavi Abdul Hanan Deobandi, Sheikh Hadith and Tafsir. In affairs, he gave a comprehensive and valuable speech to the participants regarding the effects and benefits of good intentions and sincerity.

After that, the discussion phase started and various questions related to the mentioned topic were raised by the participants, which were answered satisfactorily by Shaykh Maulvi Abdul Hanan Deobandi.
The second topic of the seminar was "Life of Imam Abu Hanifa, may God have mercy on him as an exemplary Imam and teacher" and was presented by Shaykh Al-Hadith and Tafseer Moulvi Ruhollah Sahib. He gave a scholarly and comprehensive speech about his social life, his behavior with his students and other people, and added that it is useful for us and you to have the piety, character and characteristics of Imam Abu Hanifa, may God have mercy on him. bring After that, the debate stage started, where questions were asked about the mentioned topic, which were given logical and reasoned answers by respected Sheikh Maulvi Ruhollah Sahib.
The first day of the seminar ended with the closing prayer.

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