Prince Harry's statement represents all occupation!

Mon, Jan 23 2023 9:42 AM

Prince Harry's statement represents all occupation!
Day: Sunday
Date: 1401/10/18
During a meeting in Helmand University meeting hall, Prince Harry's statement was strongly condemned.
The meeting was called by the Religious Values ​​Committee of Helmand University.
The meeting started with some blessed verses of the Holy Quran

Dr. Samiullah Saeed, Financial and Administrative Assistant of Helmand University, gave a speech in the speech. During the occupation, similar atrocities, atrocities and crimes were committed by the invaders on our holy land.
And we call on the international court to investigate these heinous actions, although we do not have much hope because in these crimes, the international was directly and indirectly involved.

At the end of his speech, he said: These crimes and heinous actions will not be forgotten from the history of Afghanistan, nor will they be forgotten from the minds of Afghans.
Mr. Andyal Sahib, one of the professors of the Faculty of Economics, also gave a speech and said: I strongly condemn Prince Harry's speech. The war has not benefited anyone.

If war can benefit, then World War II would have benefited the world.
We call on the international court to investigate Prince Harry and similar crimes.
Honorable professor of Pashto department Prof. Hamidullah Hamidi also spoke. He said: Prince Harry's criminal confession is against international law and the Geneva Convention. When a member of the royal family and a prince have committed so many crimes, So how far would the crimes of an ordinary British soldier go?
It represents the status of the whole of England.
We call on the International Court of Justice and the Security Council to prosecute Prince Harry, so that their justice is shown in practice.
Qari Imranullah Zahidi also strongly condemned Prince Harry's statement in his speech and called it against all humanity and human laws.

Engineer Pashtun Ahrar, the respected teacher of the Faculty of Engineering, said in his speech: Prince Harry's comments proved that the US and its allies came to Afghanistan for such actions. He considered jihad and defense as haram.
And Prince Harry's statement, the biggest stain is on the face of those who helped Prince Harry and other invaders against their Muslim brother and country.
The meeting ended with a closing prayer


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