In Helmand University, the newly introduced scholars and teachers of Islamic culture held a meeting of knowledge and welcome!

Thu, Jan 26 2023 10:12 AM

The conference hall of Helmand University held a meeting for the purpose of welcoming 20 newly introduced teachers to the Faculty of Islamic Culture, which was attended by high-ranking officials, administrative staff and teachers of the said university. .
The meeting started with some blessed verses of the Holy Quran.

The opening speech was given by Helmand University's financial and administrative assistant, Dr. Samiullah Saeed, and besides welcoming the new teachers, he called today the best day in the history of Helmand University. , Shaykh Uzam, teachers were appointed as teachers, Mr. Saeed requested the esteemed scholars to do their best in the intellectual and religious training of the students, and upon his arrival, he should further teach the university Islamic, religious and Afghan color.

In the speech section, the honorable president of Helmand University, Professor Mohammad Surgal Abdul Rahman, was also invited. He congratulated the newly arrived teachers and talked about the value of scholars in the society.
He said that the arrival of such a large number of sheikhs, experienced seminarians and religious scholars at a high level is a place of pride.

Mufti Sher Ahmed Azam Sahib, representing the new teachers of Islamic culture, spoke and said that the arrival of scholars to Helmand University can be very effective for the people of Helmand and the students of the said university, because it is these scholars who lead the people to the right path. He guides and knows the solution to the problems of this world and the hereafter.
He expressed his happiness that the welcome ceremony has been arranged for him.
The meeting ended with a closing prayer.

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